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Media Lab provides Digital Marketing and Analytics solutions to brands and publishers. Media Lab provides Analytics as a service to help companies turn data into business value - for brands to increase their return on ad spending and publishers to grow their revenue and audience.

Media Lab leverages advanced technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning to help its customers to collect, analyze and activate first party data across paid, earned and owned channels, to help brands achieve more efficient and effective marketing and publishers to realize revenue growth and audience acquisition, retention and growth strategies.

Why Media Lab Limited

Media Lab values continuous learning, innovation and entrepreneurship. We connect talent, media, advertising and technology to become center of excellence on digital marketing.


We drive
• learning
• innovation
• entrepreneurship

We connect
• talent
• media
• advertising
• technology 


AI / Machine Learning & Big Data
• audience behavioural analysis and segmentation
• user churn prediction
• user gender and age group prediction
• content recommendation
• auto-tagging (using Visual AI)
• yield optimization

Natural Language Process / Machine Learning
• chatbot
• legal contract interpretation and key terms extraction  

Competitive Advantage

• high quality team
• high learning agility & innovative
• strong collaborative spirit
• solid network with media companies in U.S., HK and TW
• commitment to customer success 


Digital Analytics

Media Lab Wisdom for Publishers go beyond simply collecting and reporting visits, page views, and clicks data. We help you understand the readers' journey through fallout, flow, and pathing analysis.

We measure your traffic and your customers across channels and devices to develop a true 360-degree view of your customer. We provide you with real time top trending content by category, and leverage apply artificial intelligence/ machine learning technology for content recommendation. 

Customer Data Management

Media Lab Audience Wisdom is a customer data management platform that go beyond customer relationship management database. We leverage customer data you collected, along with their online activities and device information from the LOG. We then anonymize the data and apply artificial intelligence/ machine learning technology to build audience segments for content creation and ads targeting, as well as other marketing activities.

Predictive Analytics

We apply artificial intelligence/ machine learning technology to predict your customers' probability to convert and churn based on their past activities. 

Despite the simplicity of the first and last touch attribution model, it is flawed. The devil is in the details, especially when your customer journey spans more than one device or campaign. A single-touch attribution reporting can misrepresents ROI for the different stages when comparing to a multi-touch representation with same marketing data. Media Lab's multi-touch attribution is the act of determining the value of each customer touch point leading to a conversion. The modern customer journey is complex. Through machine learning and advanced statistics, we help you uncover the impact of each interaction.

Privacy Center

Privacy at Media Lab

At Media Lab, we respect personal information and take seriously our privacy obligations. This section describes Media Lab's approach to privacy for our products & services. We are committed to handling personal information in compliance with the specific provisions of applicable privacy laws worldwide. Media Lab is a member of the IAB Hong Kong, and we comply with IAB's codes and principles.

Media Lab is a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information and analysis to digital marketing industries. We apply our advanced, secure, data-driven technologies to help our customers to promote their businesses, serve their customers, identifying and preventing fraud and malicious online activity, and facilitating safe and reliable user experiences without compromising fundamental privacy rights. Click to see our full Privacy Policy.


Data we collect and process:

• Cookie value
• Mobile device advertising identifiers
• Operating System (OS) running on your device
• Internet Protocol (IP) address
• Access times
• Browser type
• URL you visited on our Sites
• Website you visited before our Sites

How we collect the data:

• from partners sending us requests for ads on websites, mobile applications, smart televisions, video devices, and other media
• using cookies and pixels
• from clients and partners uploading data to our platform
• from clients and partners using our technology to collect data

How we use the data:

• personalizing ads
• measuring effectiveness of ads
• reporting on ad campaigns
• calculating the contribution each marketing touch point has on generating a “conversion action”
• detect malicious or invalid activity

How long we keep the data:

• We keep cookies and IP addresses up to 24 months

How to contact us for inquiry or to file a complaint:


Cookie Policy

At Media Lab, we believe in being clear and open about how we collect and use data. In the spirit of transparency, this policy provides detailed information about how and when we use cookies. This cookie policy applies to any Media Lab product or service that links to this policy or incorporates it by reference. Learn more...

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